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 If you are reading this, it is because you feel that outsourcing payroll processing is a very good option. You are right!

This is why thousands of companies have made the decision to optimize business functions by outsourcing their payroll processing.

Outsourcing your payroll will reduce the risk of tax penalties for late filings and payments (The IRS penalizes approximately one out of every three business owners for payroll errors), provide you with valuable management tools and resources and free you up to do what you do best…grow your business.

The few paragraphs below outline how F C Payroll Inc is different from the competition and more specifically large payroll processing organizations.

Large payroll processing organizations often try to bundle your payroll package with additional services that you might not need, such as human resources and insurance services and may charge you for basic reports. This will drive up your monthly costs.

This does not happen with F C Payroll. F C Payroll provides the level of services you need; no more.

Another way these large payroll processing organizations make money is by impounding your taxes at the time of payroll, earning interests on your money until it is time to remit the taxes. Taxes have to be sent to the IRS on a certain schedule. What a typical big company will do is they'll take that money (your money) right when they process your payroll, but in some cases you don't actually have to pay it to the IRS for perhaps another two weeks, so they're sitting on your money while earning interests.

Other companies may inpound your taxes and not pay them to the IRS and you are legally responsible for any and all payroll taxes due.

F C Payroll works with you to pay the IRS when the taxes are due. F C Payroll has your best interest at heart.


One in three business owner gets slapped with fines from the IRS for payroll errors.

A good payroll service organization pays employees on time, it pays your payroll taxes on time, and it actually files your payroll tax forms on time. You want to do all three of those to be compliant with the law, and you also better do the last two very well or you'll get fined.

That’s what F C Payroll has been providing business owners with: FC Payroll delivers quality and peace of mind.

 How much do we charge?
In order to give you an accurate price for our payroll services we need to know a little more about your business and what services you're interested in. Our prices are very affordable.

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